Card Game Inventors Reveal BOOST22 for Players Worldwide

Card Game Inventors Reveal BOOST22 for Players Worldwide

Card Game Inventors Reveal BOOST22 for Players Worldwide

Launched at Event in Denmark. BOOST22 Is a Quick and Exciting Alternative to the Classic Card Games.

Funen, Denmark: June 25, BOOST22 announces its ambitious alternative to classic card games. BOOST22 is a new free-to-play online card game that’s quick, exciting but challenging and easy to learn – and there’s a global competitive league for players to join.

After four months of development, 100 beta testers and more than 400 active hours played in 5.000 games; the company revealed the game at an event that attracted 96 players despite hot Danish summer weather.

Of the company’s recent lively launch, BOOST22 Co-Founder and inventor of the game Mads Elholm said, “For a while, I’ve wondered why Poker is the only serious card game you can play online against other players. With BOOST22, we’re going to change that.”

He continues, “The card game, which I invented a couple of years ago, is inspired by old classical card games, have had all new gaming elements added to it – and has, of course, been digitized!”

Here’s why you should download BOOST22 now and play it:

  • It’s easy to learn, and you’ll get started quickly
  • It’s exciting and challenging at the same time
  • There’s a global league you can compete in

Go get BOOST22 now on App Store and Google Play for free – and share it with your friend. However, first, you should go gain an advantage by quickly reading the rules so you can outplay your opponents.

BOOST22 ApS is a Danish-based card gaming company founded in 2018. Mads Elholm is our Co-Founder and inventor of the game, Henning Hürdum is our Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board and Kim Blandfort Christensen is our Co-Founder and CEO.

June 28, 2019