Quick, exciting but challenging – and easy to learn

BOOST22 is a new free-to-play card game that will excite and challenge you. There’s also a global league you can compete in. Try it out now, player.

Hello, I’m Mads. I love playing cards, and I love to compete.

Some years ago, I invented a card game because my friends and I wanted a quick but challenging way to decide who would pay the cab to town on a night out. It turned out to be really entertaining, and we still play it to this day. Like in any other card game, there’s luck involved – but as you get better at it, you’ll discover smart strategies to defeat your opponents and leave them clueless!

Today, we call it BOOST22.

You play against three opponents, and the last man standing, wins. The game is easy to learn, and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Each hand starts with seven cards – the rest is up to you.

Join early and gain an advantage

Players are entering the game as you’re reading this. I invite you to get in now. Once you’ve downloaded the game and created your profile, I’ll quickly teach you the basics of the game, so you can start sharpening your skills and outplay your opponents.

Are you ready to master what may be the world’s fastest and most exciting but challenging card game?

Then let’s go! See you inside, player.

Mads Elholm


Kim Blandfort Christensen

Co-founder & CEO