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Test your skills as a card player and win prizes and honors.

Download our free card game BOOST22 and challenge your friends and family, or people around the world. 

BOOST22 is easy to learn, fast and fun to play.


BOOST22 - play on Iphone and Ipad

Easy to learn, fast and fun to play

BOOST22 is a perfect mix of the classics ‘Cucumber’, ‘President’, ‘Whist’ and ‘Hearts’. The goal is to get rid of your highest cards before the hand ends – and win by not losing.

Games can be played Head to Head against other players or in, multiplayer tournaments.

In Head to Head games, both players start with the same 7 cards and plays against the same 3 bots, and collect as many points as possible. The player who finish with the highest score win.

BOOST22 is easy to learn, fast and fun to play.





Become a champion and play for real prizes

BOOST22 is played on Skillz. A platform for competitive mobile games.

The Skillz experience is characterized by:

  • Fun & fair competition
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The game

Rise to the challenge

Do you refuse to step away from a challenge? Do you play to win?

Join us now. BOOST22 is free to download and free to play.

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Kim Blandfort Christensen

Co-founder & CEO