Hello player, and welcome to the BOOST22 Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”).

The Terms you see below are essential because:

  • They outline your legal rights in BOOST22
  • Explain the rights you give to us when you use BOOST22
  • Describe your responsibility when using BOOST22
  • Explain how we use your data in BOOST22

Please go ahead and read the Terms. It’s quick and easy. Let’s go!

1. Introduction

First of all, thanks for playing BOOST22 (“BOOST22”, “we”, “us,” “our”). BOOST22 is an easy card game with fast, exciting, but challenging gameplay!

These Terms apply to the newest iOS and Android version of the BOOST22 app. We released the  most recent version in May 2023.

2. Your usage of the app

Upon installing and using BOOST22, you accept the Terms described here. And remember that you have to be over 18 years old.

To use BOOST22, you first have to create a Skillz account. You don’t have a BOOST22-account and we don’t save any personal data on you.

We do not share personal data with Skillz. We share only gamepoints and a gameid with Skillz.

You can read all about your rights and how to close your account at the Skillz website. 

Privacy Policy

3. Ownership and rights

BOOST22 ApS, CVR 39276461 solely own BOOST22.

All rights contained in or related to the app, including logos, trademarks, trade names and other protected content, belong to BOOST22 ApS.

You have a limited right of usage over the functionalities of BOOST22.

Contact us if you have any questions about BOOST22 or your rights in regards to BOOST22.

4. Responsibility

You use BOOST22 and Skillz entirely at your own risk. We hold no responsibility for errors in the content of the app, functionality or any use of BOOST22 or playing at the Skillz platform..

5. Storage and processing of your data

We don’t store any personal data on our servers and we only save game data from the app. But data cannot be connected to individuals.

We reserve the right to market BOOST22 ApS and our products to you via the BOOST22 app.

It can be necessary to update and change the Terms from time to time. We inform you through our website when and if that is the case.

You are very welcome to contact us by e-mail: info@boost22.dk. You can write to us in Danish or English.

– Congratulations! Now you know the Terms of BOOST22! –

BOOST22 ApS, CVR 39276461.

Last updated: May 9, 2023.