BOOST22 is a perfect mix of the classics ‘Cucumber’, ‘President’, ‘Whist’ and ‘Hearts’. You play against three others, and you get 7 cards each.
The goal is to get rid of your highest cards before the end – and win by not losing.

You can play two game modes; THE LEAGUE and RUSH22. Same game, same rules.

Learn how to play and how you win:

All four players start with seven random cards each.

You can switch up to six of your cards at the start of each hand.
If you have the white ‘start button’, you begin.

You start by playing up to four cards of equal value – so either a pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, or a single card.

The other players then take turns and make their play. They must play an equal amount of cards of the same (or higher) value than the best plays on the table. So must you, once it’s your turn again.

If you can’t do that, you must play your lowest cards.

You can also bluff by playing your lowest cards.

The player who played the highest cards wins the round and starts the next round.
You play until everyone has one card on their hand. When that happens, you reveal your last card, and the player(s) with the highest cards lose the hand.

The losing player(s) lose GAME POINTS equal to the value of their last card. The losing cards disappear from the game.

GAME POINTS given for the four highest cards:

  • Ace = 14
  • King = 13
  • Queen = 12
  • Jack = 11

For all other cards, you get GAME POINTS equal to the card number.

When the hand is over, a new one starts, and you get new cards. The white ‘start button’ moves to the next player.

If you get more than 22 GAME POINTS, you leave the game. The last man standing wins.

You win or lose GAME POINTS in each game. You get:

20 for a victory
10 for second place
0 for third place
-10 for losing

You share your GAME POINTS if you end up at the same place as one or more players. Let’s say that you share second place with another player: you share 10 GAME POINTS, giving you 5 each.

If you are skilled and have a little bit of luck, you can earn BONUS POINTS.

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

Clean Sheet: You won a game without losing a single hand (20 BONUS POINTS)

Four of a Kind: You lay out four cards of the same kind in one play (20 BONUS POINTS)

Triple Knock Out: You win the round with the lowest card. Your opponents have cards of equal value (20 BONUS POINTS)

Double Knock Out: You end the round with one of the two lowest cards. Two of your opponents have cards of equal value (10 BONUS POINTS)

Rewards (Weekly):

First place = 300 BONUS POINTS
Second place = 200 BONUS POINTS
Third place = 100 BONUS POINTS

You get your weekly BONUS POINTS transferred to the Monthly league table every Sunday at 23:59 (CET).

Congratulations! You now know how to play BOOST22

See you at the table. Good luck!

Mads, Co-founder of BOOST22